Wendywindflowers is the whimsical, off-with-the-fairies version of me – music journalist and musician Wendy Lang.
Born and raised in the spacious subtropical city of Brisbane, Australia, I’ve always sought to look at the world in an oddball way – partly because that’s the way my parents taught me, and partly because I like the stretchy-mind feeling that comes with lateral thinking. Lateral thinking. Lateral thinking. It’s like Aerial Yoga for the brain.

When I was 17 and the internet was just catching on (like talking movies), one of my classmates told me that it was “boring” to have an email address just using my name. Averse to being labelled uncreative, I spent the weekend wracking my brain for a pseudonym that I thought was worthy of being turned into a “brand” (I was an ambitious teenager). At the time, I’d just fallen in love with a pretty J.W.Waterhouse painting called Windflowers, imagining myself to be the girl in the romantic picture. I have since discovered that windflowers are poisonous plants. So let’s look past that.

Waterhouse "Windflowers"

The painting that inspired a pseudonym, J.W.Waterhouse’s “Windflowers”


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