Seize the day, Snazzles!

I’ve made a pact. Not with myself. There wasn’t a board meeting and my right hand didn’t shake my left hand. But I’ve made a pact with a close friend that we’ll both get up at 6am every morning. Over Winter, we’ve become lazy when we’d much rather “seize the day”, as they say. (Obviously the person who came up with that phrase managed to get a good sleep-in because at this point in time I couldn’t conceive of coming up with such a snazzling phrase). Is snazzling a word? *She looks it up*. No, it’s not. “Snazzy” is what I’m after. “Snazzling” sounds like the overly dressed-up child of “Dazzling” and “Snazzy” – the names of a bogan couple who are hoping their child will become the next Kim Kardashian.
My point to this paragraph of “z’s” (believe me, that’s what I’d like to be doing right now) is that I’m starting a new phase of my life, and with that comes this new blog. I’m going to seize the day! I’m going to look for new adventures! I’m going to push outside of my comfort zone! I don’t expect it to be easy. In fact, I take inspiration from the words of the late, great wizard Albus Dumbledore, who once said “We must choose between what is right, and what is easy”.
Right now, I could easily be sleeping.
Nevertheless, I’m drawing on every inch of willpower I have because this lifestyle change has been FAR from easy. But despite everything in my body telling me to do otherwise, I’ve stuck with it. Sure it’s only been two days – but that means I’ve had a 100% success rate! And yes, there’s a glass half full of water on my bedside table. Actually, there are two glasses half full of water and three mugs half full of tea. Some might call this “lazy housekeeping”, but I call it “real-life reminders of the power of positive thinking”. Next week I’ll be giving people the chance to witness this transcendental art installation piece for an entry price of $20. There’s also a one-off deluxe $50 ticket which will grant you entry to the cup gallery AND give you the exclusive opportunity to wash and put away the cups.
I digress.
Here, I’ll be documenting my thoughts and adventures – whether they actually BE adventures, or merely everyday experiences looked at through rose-coloured glasses. (Possibly the 3D glasses handed out at that preview screening of Brave). It’s really a writing exercise I guess, a place where I can consistently channel my creative energy. And no, I won’t be working my way through Julia Child’s cookbook, though I would be content for Amy Adams to play me in a movie. Even Snazzling Kardashian could do it if she stays away from lip fillers.
I hope you enjoy my quirky ramblings about the world. May the blogging begin!
P.S. The deal with my friend is that we both wake up, and stay up, at 6am – otherwise the sleeper-inner must bake for the other person. It’s entirely possible this may turn into a cooking blog after all…

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